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Who We Are

We are dedicated to providing Nova Scotians with fresh, high quality, nutritious eggs.

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia (EFNS) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1972, for the purpose of providing effective promotion, control, and regulation of the marketing of eggs and pullets in Nova Scotia. EFNS represents the province’s 21 registered egg farmers, who are dedicated to providing Nova Scotians with a stable supply of fresh, high quality, nutritious, locally produced eggs.

Nova Scotia’s egg industry operates under the authority of Nova Scotia Natural Products Act, the Nova Scotia Egg Producers Marketing Plan, a marketing scheme enacted pursuant to the Natural Products Act, R.S.N.S., 1989 c.308, the Nova Scotia Egg Producers’ Egg Regulations, and the Nova Scotia Egg Producers’ Pullet Regulations. EFNS is supervised by the Nova Scotia Natural Products Marketing Council, a provincial government agency charged with overseeing agricultural marketing boards and commissions in Nova Scotia.

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia is an independent, self-governing farming organization. We are not a government body or department. We are funded entirely by egg farmers. Each farmer pays a fee or levy on every dozen eggs sold and these funds are used to support the activities of the Nova Scotia and Canadian egg system.


The mission of the Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia is to ensure that our farmers continue to produce, under supply management, high quality, safe eggs for the consumer, while ensuring high standards of hen care.

Board of Directors

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia is governed by an eight-person Board of Directors consisting of four members who represent egg farmers in geographic zones throughout the province, three at large directors and one director representing the pullet sector.

Jeff Clarke
Chair – Western Zone

Krista Oulton 
Vice-Chair – Pullet Director

Glen Jennings
EFC Director – Central Zone

Ralph DeLong
Southern Zone

Jan Rooyakkers
Eastern Zone

Cory Cox
At-Large Director

Jill Thomas
At-Large Director

Lacey Merks
At-Large Director



Wanda Hamilton
General Manager

Lorraine Ryan
Industrial Products Officer

Danita Newman
Financial Services  Coordinator

Sara Franklin
Field Operations Manager

Misty Rennie
Operations and Public Relations Coordinator

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