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Supply Management

Supply management is a uniquely Canadian approach to the agricultural production of dairy, poultry and eggs which benefits Canadian consumers, farmers, and processors.

Supply management is an innovative system that matches Canadian demand with made-in-Canada eggs. It means Canadians have access to a consistent supply of fresh, local, and high-quality eggs while ensuring farmers earn a fair return for their work. As a result, Canada’s egg farming industry is one of the few self-sufficient agricultural sectors, requiring no government subsidies.

How Supply Management Works

To work efficiently and effectively supply management relies on three pillars, each one equally important in ensuring that the system operates smoothly. The first pillar is production management. To match the supply of eggs to demand from consumers on an annual basis, egg farmers use a quota system. This approach measures an array of variables to answer one question: how many eggs will we need to produce to match Canadian demand? The second pillar is import control. This pillar looks at the number of eggs that can enter Canada under current trade agreements. Canada uses Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs) to keep imports predictable. The final pillar is producer price. A producer price is the sum egg farmers receive for a dozen eggs. The cost to produce a dozen eggs is calculated by examining the expenses necessary for its production. The results are used to set the producer price, which ensures farmers earn a fair return that covers their labour and investment and supports the long-term sustainability of the farms.

Why is supply management good for you?

The Canadian egg industry is characterized by continuous progress, innovation and social responsibility. Egg farmers invest in comprehensive on-farm food safety programs, contribute to their community and local economy, and fund research in human nutrition, poultry health, environmental practices, economics and animal welfare.

By protecting and following the three pillars, we can assure that the majority of eggs eaten in Canada are also produced in Canada and at Canadian standards. It also means family farms and rural communities in Canada can continue thriving for generations to come. Support for our system of supply management keeps our egg industry strong, it is that simple!

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