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Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia are dedicated to ensuring all Nova Scotians have access to a constant supply of fresh, local, high-quality eggs. All eggs produced on local Nova Scotian family farms are found at all retail food outlets throughout the province!

Before Nova Scotian eggs even reach store shelves, they are received at a grading station where they are washed and sanitized in a high-speed washer that gently scrubs them. The grading station them examines each egg for quality using a process called candling. The eggs are then weighed and packed into containers with the applicable federal grade name. All egg grading stations in Nova Scotia are registered and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Once the eggs have been graded, Grade A eggs are identifiable by the Canada A symbol on egg cartons. This symbol is the consumers guarantee of top quality. Grade A eggs are sold at retail stores in Nova Scotia and all of Canada. The grade A shows the egg has met the following CFIA national standards:

Reasonably firm albumen
  • Round, well centered yolk
  • Small air cell (less than 5 mm deep)
  • Clean, uncracked shell with normal shape
Canada Grade A egg sizes are also by weight:
  • Jumbo – 70 grams or more
  • Extra Large – at least 63 grams
  • Large – at least 56 grams
  • Medium – at least 49 grams
  • Small – at least 42 grams
  • Pee Wee – less than 42 grams
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