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Animal Care

Nova Scotia licensed egg farmers are dedicated to providing and promoting the highest standard of animal care for their hens.

All of our farmers strive to foster a culture of understanding toward animal care principles, allowing our hens to be healthy, productive, safe and secure. Proper care of the hens is of the highest priority on Nova Scotia egg farms.

All Canadian egg farmers take part in a comprehensive, national Animal Care Program (ACP). As part of this program, trained field inspectors visit the farm to ensure that hens have a comfortable environment, a well-balanced and nutritious diet, access to fresh water and clean surroundings.

This program includes not only annual inspections of the barn and surrounding area but also third-party auditing to ensure standards set under the ACP are being met and that the animals are well treated and good records are being kept.

The program is based on the Code of Practice, developed by Canada’s top veterinarians, animal care experts, representatives from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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