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Types of Eggs

Oh, how times have changed! There used to be regular white eggs and maybe a few brown ones at the grocery store. Standing in front of the egg case today, one might well be in awe of the variety available.

We are fortunate to have such a selection of eggs to choose from in Canada. And to know every choice is a great one!

All eggs produced by our registered, licensed egg farmers are required to meet the same world-class Canadian standards for food safety and quality. All Nova Scotian and Canadian eggs are fresh, nutritious, and delicious.

Let’s look at the types of eggs you can buy.

Regular white or brown eggs

Regular white or brown eggs come from hens that are housed in small group settings with plenty of access to food and water. Hens are fed a diet of grains, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Vitamin-enhanced eggs

Vitamin-enhanced eggs have more of a certain nutrient (e.g. vitamin D and Omega-3). Hens are fed a nutritionally enhanced diet containing higher levels of certain nutrients that make their way from the diet of the hen into the egg.

Eggs from hens fed a vegetarian diet

These eggs are from hens that are fed a diet containing only ingredients of plant origin. This is a special case as hens are omnivores.

Free run eggs

Free run eggs come from hens that roam the entire barn floor. Some of these barns may be equipped with multi-tiered aviaries. Hens are feed a diet of grains, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals, and they forage on the barn floor.

Free range eggs

Free range eggs come from hens that roam the barn floor and when weather permits, go outside to pasture. Outdoor access is only seasonally available in Canada.

Organic eggs

Organic eggs come from hens raised in a free-range system with access to the outdoors. Hens are fed a certified organic feed.

Processed eggs

Processed eggs are shell eggs broken by special machines and pasteurized. They are further processed and packaged in liquid, frozen, or dried form.

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