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Avocado Toast

Crunchy sourdough toast with creamy avocado slices and the perfectly cooked poached egg makes this dish enjoyable any time of the day!


1 tbspsalt
1 tbspvinegar
2 slicessourdough bread
1ripe avocado
1/2 cupchopped cilantro
1sliced green onion
100 gmfeta cheese


Step 1:

Fill a large pot about  ¾ full with water. Add 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp vinegar, and bring to simmer

Once simmering, stir water to create a circular vortex. Crack 2 eggs, each in a separate bowl, and lower eggs into swirling water. Simmer for 4-6 minutes or until desired doneness

Step 2:

Meanwhile, toast 2 slices of sourdough bread

Step 3:

Peel and slice 1 avocado. To do this, run a knife around the avocado using the pit as a base. Remove the two halves and use a tablespoon to remove the flesh in 1 solid piece. Place 2 halves of avocado on cutting board and slice

Step 4:

Add sliced avocado to toast. Top with roughly chopped cilantro and poached eggs

Top egg with crumbled feta, sliced green onion, and a squeeze of lemon juice

Serve with wedged lemon and enjoy!

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