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Scotia Poultry
Farm Ltd.


Name: Sharon Thomas and Kids; Jill and Ian and cousin Andrew Cook
Farm: Scotia Poultry Farm Ltd.
Location: Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
Farming Since: 1974; 2nd generation

The passion for egg farming and keeping communities fed with local, high-quality food is easy to see when visiting Scotia Poultry Farm Ltd, located in Cole Harbour, NS. Local, second-generation farmer Jill Thomas is always excited to see customers pull up to the Scotia Poultry on-farm store to purchase eggs and is quick to use the famed Nova Scotia hospitality to make everyone feel at home. “Being a farmer and knowing I am making a difference is a great feeling,” says Jill. “It’s a big part of why I love being a Nova Scotia egg producer!”

Scotia Poultry Farm Ltd. is one of many family-owned and operated farms in Nova Scotia and is proud to have two generations involved in caring for the hens and collecting the eggs. Jill works on the farm with her mother Sharon, her brother Ian, and her cousin Andrew Cook. Together, they ensure the family farm runs smoothly and produces the best quality eggs. Scotia Poultry Farm Ltd supplies white eggs to local markets and direct to consumers through their on-farm store.

The family farm came to be in 1974 when Sharon and her late husband Laurie purchased the farm as it was being relocated to its current location in Cole Harbour. “I grew up on the farm and have always had a love for it,” says Jill. “Being able to wake up and go to work doing what I love and with family makes it a rewarding experience.”

The Thomas Family works to give back to their community just as much as the community supports their farm. For years they have helped deliver eggs to Feed Nova Scotia, participated in events around the HRM and supported several initiatives through the Egg Farmers Give Back program through Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia and Egg Farmers of Canada.

For Jill, community and family are important, and Scotia Poultry Farm Ltd. is proud to help out where they can and continue to make a difference.

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