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DeLong Farms


Name: Ralph DeLong and son; Thomas
Farm: DeLong Farms
Location: New Germany, Nova Scotia
Farming Since: 1954; Third generation
Other: Christmas trees; beef cattle

Nestled along the South Shore in Nova Scotia sits the impressive DeLong Farms. This mixed family farm was started in 1954 by Ottis DeLong and is now run by his sons, Ralph and James. Today, Ralph’s son Thomas is working towards taking over the farm as a third-generation farmer.

DeLong Farms houses three main enterprises: eggs, beef cattle and Christmas trees. While these three elements may seem vastly different, they complement each other more than one may think. For example, manure produced by the hens fertilizes the fields that grow vegetables and the hay for the cattle, and the staff who work on the Christmas tree operation also work in other parts of the operation.

Ralph and Thomas run the egg side of the farm, with egg production, grading and sales being the farm’s largest enterprise! DeLong Farms boasts a flock of over 40,000 egg layers and has become a major wholesaler of eggs in Western Nova Scotia. DeLong Farms produces their own replacement pullets and works hard to ensure Nova Scotians have access to local, fresh, nutritious eggs.

Working with family is a major perk at DeLong Farms. Thomas and Ralph have always gotten along and continue to enjoy a working and personal relationship that keeps their bond strong. Thomas has started a family of his own and truly enjoys the benefits of inheriting a strong business with a steady income that allows him to stay close to those he loves.

In addition to being close to family, the DeLongs are active members of their community. DeLong Farms employs over 100 people to work in the Christmas tree operation and wholesale and mail-order Christmas wreaths. DeLong Farms fills egg orders from local retailers and ensures community members have access to local, high-quality eggs.

Ralph and Thomas are proud to be Nova Scotia egg farmers and part of Canada’s progressive egg farming industry.

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