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Cox Bros.
Poultry Farm


Name: Brad Dalrymple
Farm: Cox Bros. Poultry Farm
Location: Maitland, Nova Scotia
Farming Since: Early 1950's; 3rd Generation

The barn doors first swung open at Cox Bros. Poultry Farm in Maitland, Nova Scotia in the early 1950s. Back then it was run by Brad Dalrymple’s grandfather and great uncle—today Brad, his sister Stacey, and their uncle Ross are at the helm.

They pride themselves in having the highest of standards. Being involved in all aspects of the farm, their hens are given the best possible living conditions and nutrition, which yields the best possible eggs. “We have a hatchery, pullet growing facilities, layer houses, and a feed mill,” says Brad. “We do it all.”

Luckily, with so much going on, there are lots of hands willing to help. The fourth generation is also finding new ways to help. “I like that my children can participate in so many aspects of the farm,” Brad says. “It’s good for us, it’s great for them, and it’s important for the future of the farm.”

Ask a farmer: Shannon from Dartmouth asks…Why do some eggs have light yellow yolks and others have dark yellow yolks?

A hen’s feed determines the colour of the egg yolk. On our farm, as in most of Eastern Canada, we feed our hens a corn-based diet, which produces eggs with dark yellow yolks. A hen that eats a wheat-based diet (more common in the Western provinces) produces eggs with light yellow yolks. Interestingly…the colour of the yolk is not an indicator of nutritional value.

What is your favourite egg recipe?

We love to whip up some quick Ham and Eggs!

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