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Port Williams Basketball Association

Cornwallis Farms and parents in the Annapolis Valley are working to continue the revitalization of the Port Williams Basketball Association.

The association had dropped to the wayside a few years ago and with the dedication of some parents in 2018, a new board was developed along with three full teams of energetic players. With help from the Newcombe family from Cornwallis Farms, the association will have six teams (both boys and girls teams) ranging in ages from 5-13 years old for 2019. The association had a great response and turnout of players and the momentum continues to build for basketball in the Valley. With the three new teams joining the association, Cornwallis Farms provided jerseys for all new players that match the previously donated jerseys from 2018.

Cornwallis Farm has pledged to support the association in any ways they can and will continue their support for the revitalization of the community association!

This project was made possible through the Egg Farmers Give Back funding program with Egg Farmers of Canada.

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