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Eggs in the Classroom

Eggs in the Classroom is a fun and educational opportunity for students and teachers to learn about egg farming, egg nutrition and cooking.

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia is proud to present Eggs in the Classroom! The program has been designed, by professional home economists and educators, for the junior high Family Studies or Health Education curriculum and can be adapted for senior high school students studying Agriculture, Food and Nutrition or Food Science. Eggs in the Classroom covers egg production, the nutritional value of eggs in the diet, easy preparation methods and recipe demonstration (with help from students). The goal of the program is that students learn about all aspects of the humble egg in an exciting atmosphere.

Eggs in the Classroom is offered through Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia during the school year. If you are interested in the program, please complete and submit the Eggs in the Classroom Request form by clicking on the link here. The program runs on availability only, please submit your request for a presentation early in the fall or winter to ensure your classes can be included in the schedule.

Eggs in the Classroom Request Form

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