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Central Kings Rural High School Breakfast Bar

Ensuring that students get their school day off to a good start, the Clarke family from Southview Farms have helped set up a breakfast bar in Central Kings Rural High School.

The Clarke family from Southview Farms sponsored a weekly breakfast bar for Central Kings Rural High School cafeteria. The family generously donated $3,000 to the school to help bring healthy, local food options to the students. The donation will also go towards ensuring all students will be able to eat at the cafeteria regardless of their family’s financial situation. In early November, the Clarke family visited the school to help with the official launch of the breakfast bar and helped serve the healthy food. The visit provided students with the opportunity to learn about food production in the province and put a face to Nova Scotia egg farmers. The weekly breakfast bar will continue through the 2019/2020 school year and be offered once a week during recess breaks and lunch time.

This project was made possible through the Egg Farmers Give Back funding program with Egg Farmers of Canada.

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