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Antigonish Women’s Centre

Six Maples Farm spreads fresh, local food to more people in the Antigonish area with the Egg Farmers Give Back program!

Egg Farmers Give Back is a very important program for egg farmers across Canada.  Egg farmers have the opportunity to showcase a project, organization, or program that is important to their farm.

Six Maple Farm is a family farm located in Antigonish and is operated by the King family.  Alicia and Danny King, along with their four children (Makayla, Casey, Percy, and Grace), care for their hens to produce eggs for their community.

The King family provides free-run eggs to the Lochaber Growers Cooperative, participating in a Food Box program for their local community.  They soon realized that food insecurity in their community was a concern, and turned to the Egg Farmers Give Back program for help.  With the help of the program, a donation was made to the Antigonish Women’s Center, who would ensure those in need would have access to fresh, local, nutritious food.

Learn more about Lochaber Growers, and Antigonish Women’s Centre and their programs!

Egg Farmers Give Back programs are generously supported by egg farmers across Nova Scotia, as well as Egg Farmers of Canada. Thank you to everyone involved in making this donation possible.   #EggFarmersGiveBack

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