Meet An Egg Farmer

Bayview Farms

The Jennings Family
Name: Glen and Lisa Jennings and children; Blake and Amy
Farm: Bayview Poultry Farms Ltd.
Location: Masstown, Nova Scotia
Farming since: 1940's, 4th and 5th Generation active today
Other: Commercial Pumpkin Grower
Blake's Pumpkin Jungle - u-pick pumpkins

Can you tell us why your eggs are called “green” ?

We operate the first "green egg" farm in Nova Scotia. I am very proud of my family's dedication to the environment. We installed three wind turbines on our naturally windy farm resulting in nearly three quarters of the farm's power coming from wind, with plans to soon go off the grid entirely. I enjoy taking pride in producing a fresh, nutritious product that people feel good about eating. It's fun to produce a product for the consumer. I enjoy it. I love it!

Ask a farmer: Janis from Bedford asks...
Are hens fed hormones, steroids or antibiotics?

No. In Canada it is illegal to administer hormones or steroids to hens in any form, including through feed or water. Any antibiotics or medications are only given under the direction of a veterinarian. If hens become ill, their eggs are diverted away from public consumption until the hens are well again. The feed we give to our hens is made of grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals - all the things hens need to stay healthy and thrive.

Favourite Egg recipe?

Eggs Benedict