Animal Care

Nova Scotia licensed egg farmers are dedicated to providing and promoting the highest standard of animal care for their hens. All of our farmers strive to foster a culture of understanding towards animal care principles, allowing our hens to be healthy, productive, safe and secure. Proper care of the hens is of the highest priority on Nova Scotia egg farms.

Nova Scotia licensed egg farmers demonstrate their commitment to animal care through their adherence to the industry's Animal Care Program. This is a national program based on the Recommended Code of Practice for layers which was developed in consultation with veterinarians, animal scientists, farmers, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The Animal Care Program sets standards for elements such as space, handling, water, feed, lighting, air quality and more. Compliance to the program is monitored by a team of trained field inspectors who complete annual on-farm inspections.

The Recommended Code of Practice for layers is under the purview of the National Farm Animal Care Council. The Code is currently under review to reflect new standards and updates which have been determined through research. For more information on the review process, please visit their website:

While the Code of Practice review is underway, the Canadian egg industry continues to strive for improvement. The industry works together proactively to review the Animal Care Program elements and consults with animal care experts to continuously improve on-farm practices.

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia is proud to report their average 2018 Animal Care Program rating is 99.57%.