Breakfast Club of Canada

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia and Breakfast Club of Canada form Partnership Agreement

Did you know one in seven children go to school hungry? It's a shocking fact that children in our classrooms across the country are missing out on critical learning time by not being fed in the morning. Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia and Breakfast Club of Canada/Atlantic have joined forces in giving students a healthy start to their day through a new partnership.

For 20 years, Breakfast Club of Canada has been nourishing children's potential by making sure as many students as possible have access to a healthy morning meal before school, in an environment that allows their self-esteem to grow and flourish. Operating from coast to coast, Breakfast Club of Canada helps feed 150,000 students every day in 1,328 schools. In Nova Scotia, Breakfast Club of Canada supports 65 schools, feeding approximately 6,000 Nova Scotia students, five days a week, and delivering almost a million breakfasts throughout the school year

Providing breakfast at school ensures that all children have access to a nutritious meal, giving them the mental and physical energy to compete and keep up with their peers. "We are thrilled about the new partnerships nationally with Egg Farmers of Canada and locally with the Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia. Children and youth spend a large part of their day in school, making schools an important environment to reinforce the connection among nutrition, health and education," says Karri Trowell, Atlantic Director with Breakfast Club of Canada.

"With this new sponsorship, Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia will help Breakfast Club of Canada provide eggs that can be served to children and youth at Breakfast Club of Canada's breakfast programs throughout Nova Scotia, giving them improved access to a nourishing breakfast", says Geneve Newcombe, Chair, Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia. "We feel it is important to get local eggs into schools. They provide a great source of protein, nutrients and energy to give you a great start to your day."

Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre Taste Test Event

To celebrate this sponsorship, Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia and Breakfast Club of Canada hosted a contest amongst Nova Scotia schools. The winning school received a taste test event designed to introduce new egg recipes to their breakfast and lunch programs.
With a student population of 125, the winning school was Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre. The taste test event allowed students to try two egg recipes- baked French toast and breakfast burritos. While the school has an ongoing breakfast program, they are only able to serve eggs every few weeks. With the introduction of these new simple and delicious recipes, the school is well on their way to serving eggs on a more regular basis.